Thursday, January 3, 2019

Ye Olde Box
January 3, 2019:
A Tale of Two Mailboxes
   by Marilyn Campbell

Once upon a time there was a happy abode, known as Chateau de Joie, that sat on a peaceful country property where all manner of woodland creatures frolicked. The elderly caretaker of the home was known to all as Mama Marilyn and she enjoyed her various tasks…except for one—fetching the communiques from Ye Olde Box where they were delivered daily by ye olde letter carrier. That task required endurance and courage...for the rugged journey was fraught with peril.

First there was the long walk from the abode to the property's border, along which ferocious beasts waited to pounce on anyone foolish enough to enter their domain.

The walk starting from the front door

Even when she made it to the end of that trek, she had to dodge speeding carriages to cross a highway that was coated with invisible ice in the winter

Mama Marilyn had heard tales of those who had not survived the journey but she was not one to shirk her duty because of a bit of danger.

Continuing walk past parking lot

Last leg of driveway

Unfortunately as the seasons changed and she grew slower with age, she became determined to ease her travails.

Deadly crossing
It took a very, very long time, years in fact, but having a strong will and the time to repeatedly plead for help from local authorities, she was finally granted an audience with the Royal Postmaster.

FINALLY, a week before Christmas she received official permission to have The Box relocated to a mere ten feet from the Chateau's front door.

As a Christmas gift to their beloved caretaker, the local lords and ladies prepared the ground and installed a new post for a new box to be set upon.

Lady Katherine pick-axed

Lord Chris shoveled

Mama Marilyn & Lady K scooped

Marquess Joie, recently injured in the line of duty, supervised

Huzzah! A post set in stone to last for many ages to come. And then The Grandest Box in the realm was delivered... does part b attach to parts a and c?
And lastly, the best part of every tale of woes and wishes...The Happy Ending!

Ready for service!
And from above a choir of angels could be heard singing, "Hallelujah!"

1st Delivery - with room to spare!

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