Monday, December 31, 2018

Holidays, 2018: Thanksgiving was celebrated two days late at Chateau de Joie, but also had a replay of the menu with a side helping of birthday celebration two days after that. The altered timeline was to make sure all the housemates had a chance to overindulge in food, drink and fun.

As usual, Joie and Marilyn split the pre-dinner duties, then James, Chris, Adeline and Katherine joined in to get all the dishes prepared and on the table. But Joie retained the honor of carving Lucille, the 20-pound star of the show.

 As you can see, no one hesitated to try a little or a lot of everything!
James, Katherine, Marilyn, Adeline & Chris

Joie, James, Katherine & very full plates!

James, Chris, Marilyn, Brittany
The leftovers became the menu for housemate Brittany's birthday celebration, which included a showing of one of her (and the Campbell gals') favorite movies - GREASE!

Needless to say there was an abundance of sing-alongs and plenty of laughs...but the highlight was watching Brittany open her surprise present from Chris and James.

And suddenly, it was the Christmas season! Brittany, James and Chris hung their stockings on the apartment's fireplace mantle and they were magically filled with candy! (Thanks to Brittany's mum)

Marilyn and Joie's fireplace upstairs has no mantle but they still managed to give it a bit of sparkle. If you happen to notice the wok pan on the floor to the right, it's not a present. Its purpose was to catch rain coming through a crack in the roof...but since this blog is about happy holidays, we'll save that story for our end-of-year review.

Though the housemates all visited out-of-state family for Christmas, Joie and Marilyn celebrated The Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve with friend (honorary housemate & renovation associate), Adeline.
Joie's latest appetizer specialty - Bruschetta
Mama Marilyn's Scallop Scampi & Angel Hair Pasta
Adeline's Yule Log - a pretty and scrumptious finale