Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 15, 2018:  Picture it -- Evening. All five residents of Chateau de Joie are comfortably full from a high-carb dinner and relaxed from a variety of beverages, lounging in front of the television, watching the Cold War cult classic, "Dr. Strangelove." Suddenly from the back yard came a disruptive...BANG!

"That sounded like a shotgun," Joie warily stated without moving from her comfy position.
Marilyn frowned. "It's not hunting season...except for coyotes."


That got Joie, James, Chris, and Brittany rushing to the picture window and pulling back the curtains (Mama Marilyn chose to stay put since she knew whatever might be visible in the dark would look the same from her spot on the couch).

To everyone's surprise, colorful fireworks lit up the sky, not precisely in our back yard but very close by.
Guesses were immediately tossed about. "Is it a holiday?" "Something going on at the golf course?" "An event at UMass?" "A Puffer's Pond Party?"

The display stopped a few seconds later and, a second after that, Brittany pointed outside and simply said, "Look." And because everyone was vulnerable to suggestion, they did, and saw...


Apparently someone out there thought the somewhat early arrival of the frozen wet white stuff was worthy of a noisy announcement. Not everyone in the living room agreed. But once Joie noted that sledding would soon be possible, the grumbling stopped (temporarily) and the movie was given the attention it deserved.

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