Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall 2015
Fall sunset 2016
October 11, 2018: An autumn not to be remembered. Actually not much to remember about this last summer either, so this will be yet another post just for the record. The photos in this post were all taken in previous fall seasons...because this one hasn't offered a single breathtaking site. It's rained almost every day since June, often heavily for hours. The pool required regular dumping because of overflowing and a balanced chemical content couldn't be maintained because of the dirty/acid rain.

Speaking of the pool, Joie & Marilyn were given detailed instructions on how to "open" and "close" that hole in the ground (something they never heard of doing in South Florida). They are very proud to announce they accomplished both tasks on their own & can now do it for all the springs and falls in the future!

(Ironically, shortly after this posted, the 20+ year old vinyl pool liner (something else they never heard of in Florida) tore & 30,000 gallons of water and a lot of expensive chemicals leaked out into the hill behind the pool! The solution requires a shockingly expensive renovation, which will not happen in the near future.)

On a separate note, Joie spent a good portion of the summer doing research for her dissertation in Alabama, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. library archives, and Marilyn used the time to finish her third time-travel mystery novel, so no renovation work or property improvements took place. Marilyn did try doing yard work whenever the rain let up but that resulted in numerous bee and yellow jacket stings and poison ivy rashes, so Joie ordered her to stop fighting Mother Nature this year.
Fall 2014

Other positive notes: in the past month, we enjoyed visits from several family members and friends who were only slightly disappointed about the lack of fall colors; plus we once again have a full house of wonderful grad students in residence.

Finally, the Campbell gals apologize for the lack of reno updates over the past year, but they have big plans for next summer, so stay tuned!

Red Maple 2014
Golden Maple 2014