Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018: The Board of Champions is finally off the never-ending to-do list and up on the wall of the laundry/workout room! Joie & Mama Marilyn are so very proud to have shared Chateau de Joie with these stellar grad students:

Chelsea Miller, the first housemate to earn her Master's Degree in 2016

Chloe Spinks and
Katherine Fecteau earned theirs in 2017

The PhD Candidates still have a little ways to go before donning the cap and gown, but, as of today, they have all successfully defended their dissertation prospectuses like the champions they are!
Congratulations to
Chuck Weisenberger, today's honoree,
Sarah Lavallee,
Chris Fobare,
Joie Campbell, and honorary housemate
Adeline Broussan

There's no such thing as "down-time" at Chateau de Joie!

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