Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 28, 2018: Ain't that suite!
In 2014 when the Campbell gals moved into Chateau de Joie, it was a mud-room/open storage area, packed with spider-web coated furnishings and stuff left behind by the previous owner. It had a non-functioning shower and massive equipment for a built-in vacuuming system from the nineteen-sixties.

But Joie knew it had the potential to become a master bedroom suite to be added to the downstairs apartment. One year and a LOT of manual labor later, her belief became reality...but the space still wasn't quite what she had envisioned.

Over the last 12 months, along with all the other downstairs renovations that have been reported in this blog, the suite got the upgrade it deserved with...

...walls, doors, new lighting, carpeting, and wood plank flooring...

...a contemporary bathroom with new granite-topped vanity, toilet, pedestal sink, medicine cabinet and mirrors...

...closets and shelving...

<This area was previously dead space at the bottom of the stairs...until Joie had another vision. Our fave contractor, Ryan Regan-Ladd, made it happen by enclosing the space and custom-building a cubby and shelf unit. (See the "Closets, closets, closets" blog for work-in-progress pics.)>

<This closet used to be mostly unusable, inaccessible, understairs space but, between Ryan and Joie, it became a very usable, enclosed closet in the walk-through closet area. (See the "Closets, closets, closets" blog for step-by-step photos, including Joie doing a tricky drywall job.)>

...a tall chest of drawers and shoe rack...

...and a full-length mirror and a hall tree by the private entry door!

Ta-dah and hip-hip-hooray - Chateau de Joie's new master suite is ready for a new housemate!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 3, 2018: Spring has FINALLY sprung at Chateau de Joie! It wasn't the worst winter ever, but it did last almost SEVEN months, with cold starting in October and the last snow falling April 18th.

Unfortunately, with the temperatures already hitting the 90s, it doesn't look like spring will be with us for long. But first comes the daily thunderstorms...

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018: The Board of Champions is finally off the never-ending to-do list and up on the wall of the laundry/workout room! Joie & Mama Marilyn are so very proud to have shared Chateau de Joie with these stellar grad students:

Chelsea Miller, the first housemate to earn her Master's Degree in 2016

Chloe Spinks and
Katherine Fecteau earned theirs in 2017

The PhD Candidates still have a little ways to go before donning the cap and gown, but, as of today, they have all successfully defended their dissertation prospectuses like the champions they are!
Congratulations to
Chuck Weisenberger, today's honoree,
Sarah Lavallee,
Chris Fobare,
Joie Campbell, and honorary housemate
Adeline Broussan

There's no such thing as "down-time" at Chateau de Joie!