Tuesday, February 6, 2018

May 12, 2017: GRADUATION DAY!!!
(Accidentally not posted appropriately)

This year, Joie & Marilyn are very pleased to congratulate TWO of Chateau de Joie's housemates on earning their Master's degrees at UMass Amherst! Hip-Hip-Hooray, Huge Hugs and Highest Honors to


In their more usual attire, below are K & C as they were nearing the finish line.

Katherine's family members gathered around for her big day but since Chloe's family lives in England, Marilyn and Joie happily accepted appointments as surrogates and loudly cheered as she entered the auditorium beside Katherine.

Proud & pretty Chloe in front of UMass pond
Chelsea-2016 Master's grad
Graduates Chelsea, Chloe & Katherine; PhD candidates Chuck & Joie


Last year at this time, it was housemate Chelsea's turn to sport the flat hat, but she was present to congratulate this year's graduates so, with some lucky timing, they got a great group housemates photo (only missing Sarah who was in Boston).

With so much brilliance passing through Chateau de Joie, Marilyn decided to commemorate the graduation of every housemate (actual resident and honorary) with a photo board in the laundry room. So whose picture(s) will go up next? Chuck? Sarah? Joie? The newest PhD candidate housemate, Chris, is the closest to completion but Joie, Sarah, Chuck & Adeline aren't too far behind.