Sunday, January 14, 2018

Marilyn rescuing garbage can in storm
January 1, 2018:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
(A just-for-the-record post)

Joie's Texas friend, Lisa, celebrated with us this year. Because 2017 was such a difficult and stressful year for each of us, and all 3 of  us are Cancer babies, our celebration included a ritual burning under the Cancer Full Moon on the 1st,  followed by a snow slide down the "bunny" hill in front of the house despite the icy cold.

Lisa was still with us to experience January 4th's "Bomb Cyclone" snow storm that had hurricane-strength winds and deposited 20 inches of snow on us.

But Mother Nature must have decided the snow storm wasn't harsh enough. A few days later, while it took Lisa 2 days of airline hassles to get back to Texas, the temperature in western Mass dropped to NEGATIVE 15 degrees.

Then, just as shockingly, it rose to 56 degrees and remained in the 50s for several days and proceeded to rain heavily and continuously until all the snow disappeared.

Uh, right, there ain't no such thing as climate change.