Monday, December 18, 2017

June, 2017: D.O.U.S. = Doors of Unusual Size

One huge thing (literally huge) got taken care of this summer with little or no least not by Joie or Marilyn. The original two-car garage door was literally falling down, a chunk of old wood at a time, and had wide enough space between it and the frame to allow the outdoor weather and sizable animals to wander in without challenge. The track was badly rusted and the coils were so worn, the screeching and grinding during operation was enough to wake up the household.

Lacking a full frontal photo of the dilapidated garage door, the original dilapidated fence next to it exemplifies its condition.

The only effort required on Marilyn's and Joie's parts was a phone call to Devine Doors and a leisurely drive to view their work and samples of style and color choices.  Within two weeks of choosing the options, the Devine team came out, removed (and hauled away) the old door and accompanying parts and installed the new door with all new mechanisms. The remote-controlled operation is now very quiet and completely sealed on all sides--much to the dismay of the local wildlife.

A bonus is that the color turned out to be a near perfect match to the new fence Joie & Marilyn built last summer.

Of course, next to the new door, the deteriorating wood siding looks even worse than it had before, but that won't be the case for much longer. 

By the way, M & J are now leaning toward a more traditional white siding, with a charcoal front door and mixed gray-toned roof, but with a bright color for the shutters. Any thoughts?

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