Sunday, December 17, 2017

August-November, 2017: Finally! An easy improvement!

With the kitchen being totally renovated and expanded, the living area of the great room needed a whole new look as well. A fresh coat of baby blue paint on the walls with bright white trim and the gray plank flooring started the project off. Next came a comfy new sofa with matching love seat and contemporary tables and lamps. A large area rug in the same tones as the new bedroom carpeting made this the perfect area for studying or group discussions.

Lightweight white drapes with a design of silver branches let in filtered sunlight when closed and frame the new picture window when open.

You never know what animal or bird will appear right outside to offer a distraction.


As always, Marilyn and Joie want to share a "before" picture...

One living room item could not be improved with a few hours of on-line shopping. It required some "tedious" painting for Marilyn but it was worth the time. After move-in, the fireplace in the apartment had been cleaned up, but with everything around it being updated and converted to a palette of black, white and grays, the red-orange bricks, brown wood frame and blue and gold carpet remnant stood a bad way. And yes, that is a hamster cage in the opening.

Marilyn cleaned up the black slate hearth, chose a charcoal paint for the brick and replaced the old carpet remnant with a properly shaped piece from the new carpet.

Joie picked out a lovely mirror with a mosaic glass frame of black and silver, and the fireplace suddenly became the focal point for the entire apartment.

All that's left is to pick out some brightly colored wall decor but since the gals haven't found the perfect pieces yet, they wanted to share what they had so far.

Lots more renovation work is on the list for the exterior structure and upstairs interior but, once again, winter has put a hold on all of that.

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