Saturday, October 7, 2017

June-September, 2017: How does one improve a breathtaking view? Replace the windows! And thus, it was done... not by Joie & Marilyn, who know better than to take on projects of such magnitude and fragility, but by their trusted contractor, Ryan Regan-Ladd. Windows are by Marvin/Integrity & purchased through Cowls Building Supply (family owned & in the same location since 1741!)

One of the best things about the downstairs living space is that it already had 7 medium-sized windows and one, large, 3-part picture window. Two of the drafty entry doors had already been replaced with solid new doors equipped with fixed, double-paned, tempered-glass windows, but the rest of the cloudy old windows and rotten wood frames were finally destined for the dumpster.

The Reno Queens' assignment on this project was to remove the multiple layers of wood framing and window sills on the inside, which sounds simple enough, but removing the gazillion nails took considerable time and persistence, along with several new tools.

Eventually, there were lots of big holes in the walls just waiting to be filled with new, crystal clear glass & a lot less wood framing.
Now that's a living room with a view!

Living room picture window is now an easy-open glider

Suite and 2 kitchen windows now have clear views to the outback

Although the exterior framing must wait for the new siding installation, the interiors are all finished now.

Pics of windows from inside for living room, kitchen and suite will be part of separate crash & finish posts coming up.

Bedroom 3 new larger window replaces 2 small ones
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2 also got a much larger rear window
Replacement of the upstairs windows must necessarily wait until next summer but, based on the changes and selections already decided up, it will be well worth the wait!

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