Sunday, October 1, 2017

August, 2017: Hip Hip Hurray & Hallelujah!

Joie & Mama Marilyn have been trying unsuccessfully to deal with an extremely (and literally) "weighty" problem since they moved in 3 years ago. Although they'd extracted every one of 18 steel poles embedded in tons of concrete, they had not found a way to get them off the property.

(See 9/3/15 post for the excruciating & comedic details of that particularly challenging task.)

Finally, contractor friend, Ryan Regan-Ladd took pity on them and separated the poles from the concrete using one of his magical tools, then hauled the poles away to be recycled.

Though the Campbell gals failed to get a photo of the nearly superhuman task, family visitors--Joie's dad, John, and brother, Jake--used their combined might to get all the concrete onto the dumpster while it still had "floor space" available.   However, evidence of their subsequent exhaustion was preserved for posterity.

The next several posts are all back to the reno of the house itself, which resulted in filling the remainder of the dumpster before it was returned. 

Sweetie inspects the newly cleared area for possibilities.

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