Sunday, August 27, 2017

July-August, 2017: Secret Message in a Bottle ...

It takes guts to gut a bathroom, especially one in a basement, but Marilyn, Joie and their contractor pal Ryan came up with a way to add some fun to it! The pic at right is of 1 of 6 antique beer bottles discovered hidden in the bathroom walls. According to eBay, the baseball hat bottle cap is worth about $10. Read on to see how that inspired them to "pass it forward".

The last post included a few pics of the demolition that started with Marilyn and Joie searching for the source of the foul odor. To the left are Joie and former housemate/colleague Katherine standing in what used to be the old cast iron tub with 3 walls of tile. Before a new, modern tub/shower could be installed, everything down to the studs & concrete walls had to be gutted.

Once the broken pipe under the sink was discovered, the rest of the bathroom walls had to get the same destructive treatment.

Next came the rigid foam board for the external walls, which Ryan taught Joie how to measure and cut for a precise, dampness-resistant fit.


Favorite plumbers, W.S. Pickering & Son in Amherst, had already installed the new power flush toilet and now they had to replace all the pipes and install the tub.

But here's where the fun came in. Because of the curious finds of beer bottles during the demolition stage, Joie & Ryan decided they should pass on the surprise by putting something in the wall for the next owner to discover. Soooo, before putting up the drywall on the wall between the under-construction bathroom and one bedroom, an Angel's Envy bourbon bottle (sans boubon) was tucked into the soundproofing insulation. Inside the bottle was a secret message:


"This message in a bottle was surreptitiously hidden on July 13, 2017 by Joie Campbell, Marilyn Campbell and their extraordinary building contractor, Ryan Regan-Ladd. During the process of totally gutting and rebuilding the downstairs apartment, we uncovered 6 empty, antique beer bottles with tiny metal baseball caps for lids (circa 1960s) and decided to pass on a similar surprise to the next resident renovator. Our renovation adventures are related in a Google blog titled "Rural Renovation Diary". If humanity survives the coming zombie apocalypse and the internet still exists when this message is found, perhaps you'll read about the dramas, traumas and giggles of a mother and daughter renovating an old house in the country with no previous experience --"

And then there was drywall...


And finally, Joie and Marilyn are very pleased to present the renovated bathroom --

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