Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 17, 2016:  Explaining snow to a southern dog isn't easy. Though this is Sweetie's 3rd winter with the cold white stuff, she is still bewildered by it. After all, the first 7 years of her life were in San Antonio and Miami.

 She likes the pretty pink sweater Godmother Barbara made for her, but seems to be saying, "I do NOT need to go that badly. I'll just wait until I see grass again."

But today's snowfall is already over 6" and still building so, she may have to compromise... at least until Joie takes a break from her classwork to shovel out a few feet of the lawn.

The following was Marilyn's positive thoughts post on FB first thing this morning:

"I'm enjoying a perfect moment. Heavy snow gently falling over the field outside my window, turning the world into a winter wonderland, but because it's Saturday, there's no need to hurriedly shovel walkways and stairs. Sweetie-Pie and all the housemates are still asleep, hot coffee's on my end table, and the only sounds are the new furnace humming and the occasional drag of the snow plow passing. Plus, it looks like we'll all be able to go sledding later today!"

By noon, she was grumbling "Bah, humbug!" and it isn't even Christmas yet. Looks like this will be a long winter.