Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweetie's thrilled to have one more snow day!
March 21, 2016: Muwha-ha-ha, sounded Mother Nature this morning...which, according to the calendar, just happened to be the 2nd day of Spring.

Despite all the clear signs that Spring had arrived early, we awoke to SNOW!!!

Hoping the daffodils hang in there...

3 adults & 2 new babies (the fox was off to the right)

Okay, to be honest, it was just a light coating of fluffy powder that turned the world outside our picture window into a winter wonderland and it completely disappeared by noon and by 4 pm it was 53 degrees. But following our last overly-confident post, it sure did seem like Ma Nature was reminding us that anything can happen in March in New England. We promptly acknowledged her ultimate power and in return, a chorus line of baby bluejays danced on the window ledge while a light brown fox, the whole deer family, one of the red-tailed hawks and an Eastern bluebird simultaneously put on a show for us in the field. It was definitely worth every snowflake!

Friday, March 18, 2016

March 15, 2016: Now that we have hit the Ides of March, we are finally starting to believe we truly lucked out with a wonderfully mild winter. Perhaps the most synchronistic event was Marilyn looking out the window just when the woodchuck/groundhog climbed out of a hole beneath the willow tree, stretched and sat up to get a look around. He seemed satisfied with the temperature so we took that as the definitive confirmation that Spring has sprung a week earlier than the official date!
In the last post, we showed the daffodil shoots already breaking through the surface. Today we have the crocuses in bloom! When they bloomed last year--around April 30th according to that blog post--we were told they are the true sign of the beginning of spring. Others told us the real sign is when the peepers awaken and, boy-oh-boy, every evening our property is  one cacophony of PEEPING!!! And the red maple is starting to sport its little red buds. And the deer family have returned to romp across the back field (obviously smarter than all the hunters). And the robins--oh my heavens--the chubby robins are EVERYWHERE!